Draw Again

In addition to video games, I’ve also rekindled the hobby of drawing.

I’d always loved to draw, but quite a few years went by where it seemed like I just couldn’t make the time for it. I was thrilled when recently I started a handful of new pencil doodles to scan and color in Photoshop. One of my nieces took notice of this and made it a point to do more drawings when she visited, excitedly bringing my attention to each one.

Recently, she impressed me with a single vanishing point perspective line drawing. It made me eager to give her some pointers to achieve even greater illusion of depth in her future drawings, and it made me eager to introduce her to two-point and three-point perspective drawing. They say the best way to lead is by example, so I’m making an approximation of her drawing with added foreshortening and more parallel elements to contrast for depth. She’s already excited to learn these tricks and to see first-hand what a difference they make. I’m excited that I’ve been given a reason to draw a hallway to nowhere (except for doors leading to reptiles), with giant frogs on the ceiling and fish swimming within each step of the stairs.

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