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Internet Exploder

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I am really tired of seeing/hearing the television commercial for Internet Explorer.

Tell me, Microsoft, just how bad does your FREE product have to be that you need to advertise it on television every five minutes? You’re giving it away with every Windows computer… and yet, for some reason, massive numbers of people are going out of their way not to use it?! Maybe it’s because this product is complete and utter garbage that should be obliterated from the entirety of history. Anyone who’s the least bit savvy is already using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or something else completely.

To everyone else: be smart and don’t click the blue “e” unless a) it’s for the purpose of downloading a different browser or b) because it’s required by your employer. If the latter is the case, do please raise hell at work over the use of Internet Explorer—besides being a total jalopy to use, it’s a huge security hole and probably costing your company a fair amount of money paying IT staff overtime to do damage control caused by this awful, awful product.